A Custom Rahu Sak Yant Muay Thai Fight Top Made By Boyd – Chiang Mai

Sak Yant and Rahu I posted some time ago about Boyd who owns the Twins shop in Chiang Mai, located at the Kalare Night Bazaar (a map and email...

Sak Yant and Rahu

I posted some time ago about Boyd who owns the Twins shop in Chiang Mai, located at the Kalare Night Bazaar (a map and email contact is below).  I’ve ordered about a half-dozen custom fight shorts from him.  He’s got tons of design options, colors, fonts, filigree and fabrics to choose from, so pretty much anything you can imagine, he can make.  Just recently I’ve gone back to ask him about making a custom top, since I wanted a sak yant and deity design, both of which should not go below the waist.  (In Thailand the feet are very low, dirty, profane and the head is the holiest, highest esteemed point – so putting powerful figures below the median of the body is, depending on the image, insulting.  Some sak yant can go below the waist and on the legs; the symbols I wanted cannot.)

I first started thinking about Rahu almost a month ago.  A small statuette of Rahu has been positioned next to Ganesha on a point of focus in our apartment and his presence in my thoughts, intentions and Muay Thai has been growing.  I intend to get a sak yant tattoo that includes Rahu, but this fight top stands as a moment of incorporation prior to that tattoo.

About two weeks ago we went to see Boyd to ask about the shirt possibility.  He was very “no problem” about it and a few days later I printed him out some designs and we determined the sizes of the patches and the color concepts.  Then he put in the order at his factory and in no time at all we stopped back by the shop and there it was, more beautiful than I’d imagined it.  The price was so reasonable and the design so satisfying that I immediately ordered a second shirt with a different base color.  (He’d made more than just the two patches already, so the Rahu and sak yant will be the same white-on-black but the shirt itself is pink.)  I honestly believe Boyd can do anything.


Rahu Sak Yant - Muay Thai Fight Top - Chiang Mai Thailad

You can email the shop at No.1_boxing@hotmail.com

or call +66 086 174 0519

And if you’re in Chiang Mai you can go visit at location A120 Chang Klan Road (across the street from the Pizza Hut) – my video walks you through the two ways to find the shop from the Kalare Night market, or you can look at it on this Google Map below.

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