Twenty-Third Fight – Yodying Sor. Sumalee

This was my third fight against Yodying Sor. Sumalee, a rubber match and a follow up on my TKO win over her a month ago, a fight in which...

This was my third fight against Yodying Sor. Sumalee, a rubber match and a follow up on my TKO win over her a month ago, a fight in which she broke my nose.  I’d been expecting a rematch against the woman I fought in my 22nd fight and learned a few days before the actual fight date that it would be Yordying because the other woman’s shins hadn’t healed up yet.

It’s not a big deal to have opponents change up at short notice (even so short as noticing when you’ve actually stepped in the ring that it’s not who you were expecting), but Yorying is south paw and heavier than who I had envisioned.  It didn’t matter to me though, as what I’d been working on in training should apply for anyone – just move right instead of left.

I enjoyed this fight.  I knew I was losing the first few rounds and my corner was telling me to relax.  I didn’t want to chase her like I’ve done in the past, but I wasn’t quite cutting off either.  My main foci were: 1) keep my hands up; 2) move right; 3) throw combinations and go high/low.    I was able to accomplish all three in small doses, some better than others, and I’m pretty excited at having applied my training with Den, Daeng and ringwork with Kevin in a fight context.  Goes to show that it’s not impossible to learn something in just two weeks between fights, but it will take longer than that to really get it solid.  So, here’s to solidifying those gains.

Also, this is my first win on points in Thailand (and my second win on points overall).  I’m pretty excited about that, as it was certainly in the 4th and 5th that I was able to pull that out.


The Whole Fight

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