Nineteenth Fight – Phetngamta Jit Aree Gym

I fought Phet in my 14th fight and lost to her in a technical game.  For this fight I knew I had to put my strength on her and...

I fought Phet in my 14th fight and lost to her in a technical game.  For this fight I knew I had to put my strength on her and I got better with that as the fight goes on, but I definitely need to get more aggressive earlier in fights – still a slow starter.

My corner was pretty astonished at the resulting decision of this fight and I was told that the draw was because I’m scheduled to fight her again on the 13th and they want a third fight.  I’m not clear how my winning would have in any way obstructed a third fight happening, but I also don’t think I outright won this fight, even if a lot of the audience and all of my camp felt that way.  I won fourth and fifth, which are important rounds, but if I’d fought round three the way I fought the last two I think it would have been mine without question.

Rematch again on the 13th of July.  Much respect to my opponent – she’s a good fighter and I expect our next match will be nasty.  She was throwing elbows (albeit ineffectively) in this fight and I kneed her head more than once (also ineffectively since the ref broke it and she fought on – I think if I’d been more decisive or brought the attack up during those knees he wouldn’t have broken it, but me continuing to knee her head without knocking her out – like a slow bludgeoning – would have been gross).  We’re both going to be coming into this next fight with the intention of getting square.

The Whole Fight

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