Nueng Roy – A Movie Documenting My 100 Fights – Interview with Marq Piocos

On April 22nd (2016) at 12 pm Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, as part of the Artemis Film Festival, which celebrates cinematic “kickass” female...

On April 22nd (2016) at 12 pm Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, as part of the Artemis Film Festival, which celebrates cinematic “kickass” female characters and storylines, will be the first screening of Nueng Roy, a documentary put together by veteran WMMA and female fight reporter Marq Piocos. Here is the location of the theater.

You can purchase tickets in advance on the Artemis website for $8. The first selection package:

100 fights tickets

The Film: Neung Roy – 100 Fights

The film itself is a beautiful edit of clips selected out from my 200+ vlogs, detailing my climb to 100 fights in Thailand. This was an absolutely epic milestone for me, a numerical achievement which was really a device to keep me focused on fighting as much as I could, learning the art and sport through doing. This was a process wherein I’ve found myself fighting more times than any western fighter has, in Thailand, male or female; as of this interview 135 times in Thailand, 145 fights overall.

Below is my Skype interview with Marq, who assembled the film from his own vision of the story and using his background in screenwriting to bring a narrative to the film. In it he talks about his process and motivations.

If you’re in LA this Friday, please go see the movie if you can. The film festival is also an awesome event to celebrate women and there will be a red carpet, Hollywood stunt women receiving awards in recognition of their under-recognized work, a film featuring some of the top women in MMA, and Q&A with Marq after the premier of Neung Roy. One of my early inspirations (she’s still an inspiration, but she was among the first) and former fighter, Jill Guido, will be traveling down from San Francisco with her husband and young son on a family trip and Jill is going to try to make it over to the premier. It’s pretty amazing to me that someone I look up to so much is going to be there! I video interviewed Jill back in 2011.

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