My New Podcast! Muay Thai Bones #1 and #2

Kevin and I are doing a thing! I had a great time podcasting with my friend Emma Thomas in our “Two Ladies in the Kingdom” podcast, but sometimes it...

above, me and Kevin’s very first podcast, from our couch, episode #1

Kevin and I are doing a thing! I had a great time podcasting with my friend Emma Thomas in our “Two Ladies in the Kingdom” podcast, but sometimes it was hard to arrange it all on Skype – Emma and I both have very busy schedules that don’t always match up – so Kevin and I for some time were thinking that maybe we could do one ourselves. I mean, we occupy the same space all the time. We talk and think about the same things, all the time. We have amazing, in-depth conversations about Muay Thai multiple times per day. Like every day, maybe it would be nice to record some of these to share with others. The first one we did was from out couch in our apartment, but the bigger idea is to film from the road (our “other couch”), since we are often driving across Thailand and talking about Muay Thai for long stretches. You can see our episode #2 below, filmed just a few days ago on our way back from Chiang Mai.

Folks have asked, but these two podcasts aren’t on iTunes or related platforms yet, and may not be for a while. The only way to definitely get them is to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

above, episode #2 of Muay Thai Bones, from the road

At times the audio quality isn’t great, we just Mcgyvered the camera on the dash and used our Rode Mic. But…we have new mics coming just for this, and other interviews that I’ll be doing, so the audio on the next one should be much, much better!

our dashcam with towel, rubberbands, suction bracket, sports tape!

I hope you enjoy just hanging out with us, and listening to the things we like to talk about. If you have suggestions for topics you might find interesting you can add them here, and we’ll definitely consider them.

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Subjects covered in the episode #2 podcast:

  1. Recommending Gyms.
  2. Kru Syndrome
  3. The FastKeto Diet
  4. Flow Theory & Vipassana
  5. Low Kick in Clinch
  6. Goggins’ New Book
  7. Jaidee Passing
  8. Kevin’s Photography

Material cited:
Flow State Book:

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