What is Muay Khao? Discussion of Muay Thai’s Forward Fighting Pressure Style

This is a 40+ minute vlog and discussion on the Muay Thai fighting style known as Muay Khao. Muay Khao literally means “knee fighting”, but the term is often...

This is a 40+ minute vlog and discussion on the Muay Thai fighting style known as Muay Khao. Muay Khao literally means “knee fighting”, but the term is often applied to describe fighting approaches that go well beyond knees. Samson Isaan described his style as Muay Khao, even though he was a world title holder in western boxing, and would often use devastating uppercuts and crosses. It’s more an ethic, a spirit of fighting, that takes it’s place opposite the much more celebrated Muay Femeu (technical or artful fighting).

Kevin and I are discussing the style as a kind of introduction to my Muay Khao Summit in December, where I’ve invited some of the greatest who ever fought in the style to come and train a group of committed female students/fighters, and in which the best knee fighting Thai female champions will also come an train and share their perspective. You can buy access to 9 days of the live stream here ($60 gives you the full live stream, which you can watch recorded AND a commentary edit I’ll do of the entire summit, published in perhaps February).

I’m doing my best to document the great techniques of Thailand, and part of that is celebrating and sharing the Muay Khao fighting style, a style which sometimes does not get it’s due. Dieselnoi, Langsuan, Samson Isaan were all fighters of the year, and will be part of the Summit. Elbow fighters Yodkhunpon and Karuhat will also be part of the Summit. And Namkabuan will be teaching his body throw techniques as well. Some of the greatest fighters who ever lived.

Legends of the Summit get the live stream

So I hope you enjoy the discussion, and if inspired purchase the live stream. It will be a hosted stream so you can ask questions live and we’ll try to answer them! The next best thing to training in Thailand with legends.

100% of the profits of this event go to the legends and female Thai fighters who are a part of it all. This is for them, to celebrate them, and to offer a little support. You can also support the effort by purchasing the Summit’s Muay Khao shirt, with two designs to choose from. It’s an awesome shirt!

Muay Khao Summit Shirts 35

All profits from the shirt go to the legends and female Thai fighters. You can buy your shirt in support here on Indiegogo. They are $35 +taxes and shipping.

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