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[Update May 10: Just spoke with Dieselnoi and he says he’s feeling better but will have to go back into surgery on the 16th this month. I asked if it...

[Update May 10: Just spoke with Dieselnoi and he says he’s feeling better but will have to go back into surgery on the 16th this month. I asked if it was a serious surgery and he said it’s the same as what he had before (which I believe means the heart operation he had 2 years ago); but he gamely added that he’s sure after this time he’ll be incredibly strong. No matter how he’s feeling, Dieselnoi’s spirit is up. Heart surgery is serious stuff though and I’m quite worried for him. I’m trying to figure out with him now when I can come visit.]

Help Dieselnoi recover here.

Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn is a legend among legends in Muay Thai. He’s a pillar in the Muay Thai community here in Thailand and anywhere he goes, he’s the star around which everyone else revolves. He just has a different gravity.

A couple years ago he had emergency heart surgery and his health has been a limiting factor for him ever since. He’s strong and his energy is incredible – when I train with him he’ll push until his lips turn blue, breathe against the ropes for a quick second and then come right back to it as if nothing happened. It’s actually kind of shocking, like, “um, are we ignoring that?” but you just can’t take that fight energy out of him. He’s incredible.

Currently Dieselnoi is in the Taksin Hospital in Bangkok with a lung infection. A friend posted this photo of him and some high-profile members of the Muay Thai community, that friend also being a former star of boxing – Tawee or Kaowpong Sitchuchai – organized a way for fellow Thais to donate toward Dieselnoi’s medical expenses. You can see that original Facebook post here.

This is a very Thai thing, to rally the community together in order to help someone out. It’s a non-Thai thing, too, and because Dieselnoi is an adored and valued figure to those of us in the global Muay Thai community as well, I’d like to demonstrate our support with this modest GoFundMe to help with his recovery as well. I spoke with Dieselnoi today and he said that the doctor wants him to stay 2-3 more days in the hospital, after which time they’ll check again whether he can go home. He’s taking strong medicines to combat the infection in his lungs and with his heart condition as a factor, I’m sure they just want to keep a close eye on him.

I’ve set the goal at $500, which is around 17,000 Baht. That’s a small portion of what his overall treatment will cost and it’s yet uncertain how much longer he’ll be in the hospital, but again this is a gesture toward our support of Dieselnoi, taking care of our legends and heroes, in whatever small way we can.

Right now we will run this campaign for 5 days, just to see what we can do for him.

Help Dieselnoi recover here.

Dieselnoi and Sylvie

Dieselnoi is a personal hero to me.


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