The Money Raised for Hill Tribe Female Education Efforts

Ever since viewing the documentary “Buddha’s Lost Children,” (watch the full film here) I have been looking to support Kru Bah’s efforts at the Golden Horse Monastery in the...

Ever since viewing the documentary “Buddha’s Lost Children,” (watch the full film here) I have been looking to support Kru Bah’s efforts at the Golden Horse Monastery in the hills of Northern Thailand. In short, Kru Bah is a monk who takes in Hill Tribe boys as young novice monks in order to give them support and structure in an area riddled with drug trafficking and drug use. The young boys are given guidance and even train Muay Thai under Kru Bah. With my “Saonaklengkhao” Miss Gangster Knee T-Shirts as part of my 5 year anniversary giveaway I wanted to give a portion from each sale to the Golden Horse Monastery, and we were able to raise $240 (120 shirts sold), which is awesome.

Mega Giveaway Sylvie Muay Thai

Alex Wall was the first place winner of the Mega Giveaway drawing.

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the winners above, along with the prizes.

The drawing was fun, everyone sending in a photo of themselves with the Miss Gangster Knee shirt, but it was great to lend a small hand to something more serious. Kru Bah’s sister helps run the Monastery and, even with the wonderful work done with the novice monks, the structure of religion here excludes young girls, who are not allowed to join the ranks of novice monks or live in the Monastery. But girls in these communities face many of the same dangers and struggles as the young boys do, as well as high rates of teen pregnancy and lack of education. So I was very excited when Kru Bah’s nephew, and Khun Mae Ead’s son, Zippy, contacted me to ask if the funds could be specifically applied to a Golden Horse program that Khun Mae Ead had begun for young Hill Tribe girls. YES!

Here is the Mission Statement of the new project:Hill Tribe Girls Graduation

As In many developing countries
Schooling and education are often given priority to boys, with girls expected to stay in the family home and contribute to domestic tasks. As a result girls in Northern hill tribes have some of the lowest rates of literacy and education in Asia;this consequently also results in little understanding in regards to personal sanitation and sex education with a high rate of teenage pregnancy in many hill tribe communities.
As Khun Mae Ead is such an integral figure to the Golden Horse monastery, she takes a strong personal interest in ensuring that our work covers girls rights and education. The GHM carries out regular outreach work by training and sponsoring university graduate teachers – often from these same local communities themselves – to establish small schools and provide education locally. While these programmes offer education for all children regardless of gender, we provide sponsorship and funding for families in terms of free education, school books, uniforms and food during the day so that families feel able to send their children and not just the boys.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Giveaway, and gave a small bit toward what the Golden Horse Monastery is doing. If you’d like to contributed directly to the cause, or get more details on what they are doing, you can contact Zippy on Facebook or donate through PayPal through this address.
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