Going to Visit my Sponsor Onyx MMA in Singapore Tomorrow

I don’t like leaving Thailand. I’m very much a “homebody” and don’t like going out for anything other than training and fighting, and even after fights I’m pretty eager...

I don’t like leaving Thailand. I’m very much a “homebody” and don’t like going out for anything other than training and fighting, and even after fights I’m pretty eager to get back home. And it’s always been this way, ever since I was a kid. Where I grew up allowed the kids to play in the yard or the ditch that ran through half the town. We never had to go far for anything. And as a fighter I just love the grind. So, all of this is a preface to say that when Chocolate from Onyx MMA in Singapore sent me a message asking if I could come out to visit them for a few days it was out of our special connection that I without hesitation said yes.

Chocolate and Jack (owner of Onyx) came out to visit me at Petchrungruang a few months ago and that was the first time I got to meet them in person. I’ve been following Onyx on social media since before they became sponsors of 8limbs.us and I’m definitely a fan of the gym and of Chocolate (who is a fellow female fighter), and meeting both Jack and Chocolate a few months ago let me know that it will be a very enjoyable thing to see them again. And this time in their stomping grounds, which is exciting.

I just came off of a kind of “fight tour,” 3 fights in 4 days, cross-crossing central Thailand. I just got home today and tomorrow morning I’ll be taking a cab to Bangkok airport in order to fly into Singapore, where Chocolate will meet me at the airport and take me around Singapore. I’m basically being treated like a VIP guest, which isn’t my usual style, and it’s going to be awesome, plus I get to meet the Onyx fight team, the people who train there, see what training is like (in person; I’ve seen some online), and honestly I’m a little bit geeking out about meeting “Rexy,” who is a T-Rex that makes appearances in videos for Onyx. I’ve never been to Singapore. Chocolate asked me what I wanted to see, do, and eat and I honestly had no idea. So, I’ll just have to do as I do and take as many photos and videos as possible, then share them to you lovely folks. And, secretly, I’m excited to get another Onyx T-shirt. I know it sounds silly, but I’m really into their shirts – I wear my current Onyx shirt everywhere (me and Jai Dee, just the other night at a festival fight)

Onyx MMA shirt - Last night at the fights-001

So, I fly in on Monday morning and fly back out at about noon on Wednesday. Everything we are doing between those times is a mystery to me, but I will most definitely be at Onyx gym during that time training and if you’re in Singapore and want to come by, please contact the gym to ask about the schedule. And if you live in Singapore and have suggestions for what to eat, I’m all ears. And if you’re not in Singapore and want to know something about Onyx, please let me know so I can ask or take pictures or shoot video or something to answer those questions!

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