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The Live Streamed Seminar and Clinch Bootcamp Filled With Legends For the past few months I’ve been dropping breadcrumbs about this incredible event, celebrating and supporting the Muay Khao fighting...

The Live Streamed Seminar and Clinch Bootcamp Filled With Legends

For the past few months I’ve been dropping breadcrumbs about this incredible event, celebrating and supporting the Muay Khao fighting style. In December I’m bringing together women from around the world to train with the great Thai female fighters who specialize in knee fighting (World Champions), and the greatest Knee and Elbow fighting legends Thailand has ever known: 3 Fighters of the Year in Dieselnoi, Langsuan and Samson Isaan, two Lumpinee champions who were so impossible to defeat they had to vacate their titles (Dieselnoi and Namkabuan), and two of the most potent elbow specialist in Yodkhunpon and Karuhat. It’s just a huge summit of Muay Khao pressure fighting, with an arrangement of different styles and approaches that will demonstrate just how versatile it is. If you’d like to read more details about the summit, read my original blog post describing it as an invite. You’ll find an itinerary there.

Even before I knew how to clinch, before I’d been able to get the exposure to the technique and strategy that’s needed to develop, I was a knee and clinch fighter. I didn’t even know this was a style to itself, but when I found the fighters who express it in their own careers and beautiful fighting, I was completely intoxicated by it. It’s very hard for women to learn this style in Thailand, due to social and cultural limitations, and it’s hard for anyone to learn it around the world because there’s just not the depth of knowledge and experience that is present all around Thailand. At this summit, there will be so much knowledge and Muay Khao expression in one place. This is a tiny “big bang” for the dissemination of knee, elbow and clinch technique and strategy around the world.  But obviously the space for this kind of intensive is limited. It seemed a shame that people all over the world would not  be able to directly experience what these Thai men and women have to share. So we looked for a solution, a way to share more – as is our m.o. – and Kevin and I have worked incredibly hard to open the Muay Khao Summit to a digital attendance. This means for 9 days we’ll be live streaming all our training and all the seminar days, in a video webinar format, a virtual attendance that is second only to being directly in the room. And it is only $60. Check out the promo for it below:

Nothing has really been tried like this before, so we are still experimenting with what we might do. A friend is going to be hosting the stream live, so you can have a narrator and someone to pose questions to that can be answered live; and we are trying to establish live webcams of the entire space – like a wide angle view – so you can switch between views (still not confirmed). Yodkhunpon or Karuhat will be assisting every one of the days, along with the seminar days with the legends. But it isn’t just seminar type instruction. You’ll also be able to witness – and bring back into your own gym – older, traditional Muay Khao training techniques, some of which are already disappearing from Thailand, even in fighting gyms. Everyone is going to be training in the old methods of the Golden Age.  There is going to be lots and lots of clinch instruction, something that is incredibly hard to find. The live stream will also be able to be watched later on, in a recorded version, if the time of the live stream is not convenient for you (halfway across the world means pretty significant time zone differences).

Muay Khao Summit live stream

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AND, not only that. Kevin will be filming the entire 9 days with a high quality camera, long-form footage of which we will publish On Demand, with my commentary, so I can bring out the most important things being shown and trained, to make sure you don’t miss anything. Those of you who support me on Patreon are familiar with this format and how much can be drawn out of a single hour… and this is going to be tons of hours. This On Demand version is also included in the $60 digital attendance.

This is a zero profit effort for me. 100% of the net profit goes to compensating the Thai legends, the Thai female fighters and the Thai businesses that are participating in the summit. Kevin and I have been working hard to arrange this event as a celebration of Muay Khao, of these legends, these women, the gym, this world of learning. The cost of the summit and the cost of the digital attendance just goes into the costs of doing such an incredible event.

With this is mind, if you’d like to support this one of kind Muay Khao Summit, you can purchases the official t-shirt, designed by Bleeding Edge Gear, an official sponsor of the event (out of my home state, Colorado), for $35. There are two versions of the design. You can order the shirt on indiegogo and it can be shipped worldwide:

The Muay Khao Heart Shirts

If you like the shirt, and want to digitally attend, you can bundle the two together and get the stream and the shirt for $85.

plus shirt

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Additionally, any digital attendance also will give you (for free) the On Demand version of the Summit, to be watched anytime. We’ll be filming it all with a high quality camera, and I’ll be voicing over the footage with commentary, making sure that no detail is lost. This version should come out in about February.

This is just an incredible lineup of legendary fighters. Be sure not to miss it! Below are the scheduled fighters who should participate. There are also even more who might be part of it. Rambaa may come by and teach some clinch. We may be able to stream from Kem Muaythai Gym, and streaming video with Yodwicha and Kem (beyond even the 9 days we can confirm). This is an exciting project, and I invite you to be a part of it.

Namkabuan and Muay Khao Summit

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