Fight 230 – Sylvie Petchrungruang vs Nanghong w/ 2nd Fight in One Day

Above is the fight video with commentary, my 230th fight and as it turned out, my 2nd fight of a single day. In the afternoon I fought in the...

Above is the fight video with commentary, my 230th fight and as it turned out, my 2nd fight of a single day. In the afternoon I fought in the center of Thailand in a televised Kard Chuek fight, and then drove to Chiang Mai for this one, with my hero the legend Karuhat Sor. Supawan in my corner all along the way. You can see my first fight of the day detailed at bottom in an edit Kevin put together. These are some awesome photos by Walt Zink from fight 230 as well:

Fight 230 - Sylvie Muay Thai

Sylvie and Karuhat

This is what Kevin wrote about this photo above with Karuhat (original post):

It’s hard to say how much is in this photo. Sylvie is with legendary Karuhat after we spent a few days fighting across Thailand. In fact, Sylvie had already fought in the afternoon on television, Kard Chuek no less (no gloves, knockout or nothing), and then drove the 200 miles to fight that evening in Chiang Mai to keep an erroneously booked fight, a fight we could have easily canceled. But, relationships are valuable to us, and it was ultimately our fault that this 2nd fight was booked on the same day (we booked the fight for someone else, and wires got crossed on who was fighting what date). When we were on the phone with the promoter and I said to Sylvie: “Let’s just fight both!” she looked like I was crazy. They were 200 miles apart, the first was televised so we didn’t even think that there was enough time to even drive the distance, physically. She was fighting Kard Chuek, which meant she was likely to be cut, which would cancel the 2nd fight. Nobody we ever heard of had done such a thing. Impossible. But, as is always the case with Sylvie, you mention something impossible to her, and she’s just like everyone else, she agrees…”impossible”. But then her brain starts to chew on it, she starts to see the cracks of light. Then her heart takes hold of it, like a pitbull. As it turned out this whole second fight felt really easy. We laughed about it later. It was like one of the easiest, funnest processes we’ve had in Thailand. Not to say it wasn’t completely badass, it was and is. But, it was Sylvie’s incredible toughness, the way she floats to the surface of such very difficult things, that made it fun and easy. And somehow Karuhat, the legend, was with us all along the way. Somehow just being who she is pulled this remarkable man and absolute fighter into her orbit, as he’s cared for her through strings of losses, as she grew and still is growing. When she is in the ring with him she feels a different thing, she feels a part of herself she wants to be. It’s taking 200+ fights to even get to this point, but she’s on the crest of self-discovery that only happens in myth. You have to fight that many fights, put yourself in harms way that many times with someone who wants to hurt you, and find ways to preserve yourself, to not be diminished, that many times, to discover these things about yourself, and start to show it. Here she is fighting on the best fighters in the north giving up at least 8 kilos, after just banging out 5 rounds of bound hands fighting on tv 200 miles away. There’s a secret about Sylvie. Impossible is her fuel. Impossible is what sets her free.”

Fight 230 - Sylvie von Duuglas-ittu

Fight 230 - Muay Thai

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