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This is a guest post review of the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sports Bra Guest Post – Maiko I will write about a topic one rarely speaks or writes...

This is a guest post review of the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sports Bra

Guest Post – Maiko

I will write about a topic one rarely speaks or writes about in the context of sports or fighting: Boobs. Depending on their size, they get annoying, and won’t just vanish for the time we  train and fight. This is a topic men just can’t really relate to, and even some women get a blank confused stare when it comes up in a conversation. Since I have been blessed and cursed with a size of 75E/G (EU size), it was quite the journey to find the one bra to rule them all.

The warm up with rope jumping was a personal nightmare for me. Muay Thai is a sport where there are not many women, and even less so when it comes to training regularly and enjoying sparring and fighting. It is quite normal to be the only female at the gym, sometimes there are 2-3 more but that is rare. It just is mostly guys, which I am fine with most of the time. I behave like „one of the guys“, I don’t want to be treated like a special little snowflake. So everything that makes me being female super obvious is uncomfortable, and bouncing breasts while warming up already feel annoying, and very awkward at the same time.

Many women layer sports bras – wearing 2 or even more at a time. I found that incredibly uncomfortable, especially when training for more than 2 hours at a time. After a while the layers get all sweaty and wet, they don’t stay where they are supposed to, one has to correct the way they are layered, starts plucking and picking at them… overall not a good experience and distracting from training. So that was quickly out of the question for me.

Some sports bras just kind of mush the breasts together and flatten them, and I am not sure how comfortable that is with a medium-sized or small breast, but I found that to be as bad as layering bras. I tried several brands, and while some were okay, I was still not happy with the level of support. One sports bra was great from the level of support and comfort while wearing, but the bra fastener was an engineering nightmare – I was unable to close it on my own. Seriously, who invents something like that? So the only choice was to close the bra before putting it on, which of course leads to it becoming loose and baggy quickly.

The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sports Bra

Shock Absorber Bra - Ultimate Run Bra

After some trial and error I bought the Shock Absorber – and I fell in love. Even after months of extensive use it looks good, is as supporting and comfortable as in the beginning and does its job perfectly. The bra fastener is a combination of two: A classic fastener in the back, and another one just beneath the neck.

Shock Absorber Bra Two -

By now I bought a second one, and my opinion stays the same: Perfect sports bra for me. And statistics agree:  700+ positive reviews on Amazon. The packaging put a grin on my face – “bounce control tested” is something I can really appreciate in a sports bra.

Shock Absorber Bra - Bounce Tested



This guest post review grew out of the running conversation that we’ve been having on the Muay Thai Roundtable forum, in the Women Only section: Sports Bras – Especially for the Large Chested. If you are a woman please do sign and and join the community. In that thread the Debenhans Gorgeous DD+, Moving Comfort’s Juno, the Bare Necessities Anita: Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra, and the Panache Sports Bra are some others recommended and discussed. Hopefully this guest post is the beginning of even more conversation and sharing.

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