A Seed in the Ground – the Gift of Pressure

the above is a photo of Pi Mutt wrapping my hands some time ago This afternoon Pi Mutt gave me some tough love at WKO. We did a million...
the above is a photo of Pi Mutt wrapping my hands some time ago
This afternoon Pi Mutt gave me some tough love at WKO. We did a million rounds of padwork and the last few were sparring. He knocked the wind out of me with a kick to the ribs (totally my fault), but I got my shit together and came back to finish out the round, ’cause I’m a stud, But then in the sparring rounds he wasn’t letting me out. If I kicked him, he kicked me – nothing for free. You know, like a real fight would be. I was a bit overwhelmed and knew exactly how good this process is for me, how valuable it is to have trainers like this to push me, but I pretty obviously was crying in the ring. I mean, I sweat enough that if you’re completely dumb you might not see it… but trainers aren’t dumb. They see everything; they see shit you don’t want them to see.
So I finished out the rounds, Pi Mutt explained why he was pressuring me so much, “if you kick me, I kick you; I not let you out. Understand? If you want to kick me you have to think, how can I kick him and he cannot kick me?” I totally understood and appreciate it. Then went to the bathroom to cry, like an adult. When I came back I made sure to make eye-contact with him and smile. He leaned against the corner of the ring for a break between rounds with this other guy and he looked at me. Just really looked at me and said, “Sylvie, you okay?” I told him, “today no good… but tomorrow, ja kaa khun,” (tomorrow I kill you). He nodded approvingly, reached over the ropes and shook my hand, officiating the promise, and said, “good.”
Here’s the lesson: your trainers don’t care if you cry or if you suck in training that day; they only care if you give in to those things. It was the same when a year ago Pi Nu told me I was no good that day and I said, “yeah, but that’s okay; I’m good most days.” And after that he just believed in me. Same with Kru Mutt today. He just wants to see that I will push back, even if it’s delayed. If you put a seed in the ground and it dies, you just buried it; if it grows, you planted it.
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A 100 lb. (46 kg) female Muay Thai fighter. Originally I trained under Kumron Vaitayanon (Master K) and Kaensak sor. Ploenjit in New Jersey. I then moved to Thailand to train and fight full time in April of 2012, devoting myself to fighting 100 Thai fights, as well as blogging full time. Having surpassed 100, and then 200, becoming the westerner with the most fights in Thailand, in history, my new goal is to fight an impossible 471 times, the historical record for the greatest number of documented professional fights (see western boxer Len Wickwar, circa 1940), and along the way to continue documenting the Muay Thai of Thailand in the Muay Thai Library project: see patreon.com/sylviemuay


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