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Weight cut and body image

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Hi guys, I am a female mmy muay thai fighter and have been competing for 2 years now. I tend to cut anywhere between 10-15lbs for my fights. The problem is I have struggled with body image issues since I was 12 (I'm now 25). I've always hated scales,  but now I have to use them regularly. I hate stepping on them to see where my weight is. Competing in a sport where my weight matters and where my body is constantly changing has been mentally challenging for me. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any tips on how to be confident with my ever changing physique?

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You are NOT alone in this AT ALL. Men experience it as well. You see the dehydrated version of yourself in weight cut, but that's not an ideal at all. People try to stay in that state for as short a window as possible, and that should tell you something about it's value. Being tied to the scale for the sport is something that will certainly mess with your image, but keep in mind that the number on the scale is not actually a VALUE. Be confident in what your body can do, which honestly is usually better in a window above your "scale weight." You drop down, but you're strong a bit above that. So don't fret about staying at the weight that's what's on the scale when you're cutting down. It's not a good place to be. It's hard to get to, it sucks, it's uncomfortable. 

People who compete on stage for body building or physique have "loading phases" and "cutting phases," they know that they're never as lean as they are on stage. It's transitory. So maybe look up some blogs or writing on that, from people who truly understand that their "ideal" is not ideal at all. It's very, very momentary. You want to be strong, not "shredded." What your body DOES is important, not as much how it looks. 

All that said, Yes. Yes. We all feel every fucking little millimeter of extra skin, every ounce of extra weight. Don't weight yourself if you don't have to. The scale is a tool for getting to a point for fights. Other than that, it's not relevant.

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