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Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu

Keto Helps With Oxygen Deprivation US Navy Divers Find

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How the keto diet could give Navy SEALs a tactical advantage

An article on how the US Navy is considering ways to use a ketogenic diet to prevent divers from going into seizure in extreme diving conditions. One of the most interesting elements of this story is that ketogenesis is one of those states that evolved through extreme conditions in the human record. It's what got populations through famine. The tantalizing aspect about ketogenesis is that as this came about through extreme pressures we kind of have no idea the powers and benefits that arose from the human development of a completely 2nd track of fuel source burning. And we also do not know the evolutionary trade-offs, either. It's kind of an evolutionary off-shoot, a mode that human beings went into, to survive famine and foot-shortages. Much like many of our human powers the bottlenecks of evolution provided a filter which intensified the organism, of what we are.

There is a lot of bro-science out there about how the keto-diet is not for "explosive action" (something I'd done a lot of digging into, it's pretty complex in relationship to fighting, I do want to post about this), but in this thought-thread what comes to mind is the kinds of parallel benefits of the getogenic diet. In no way, shape or form did evolution aim (if that's the word) to give human beings the advantage of being better extreme divers. There was no survival of the fittest in Navy Seal diving in our history, but ketogenic relationships to oxygen open up this application. Kind of interesting.


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This is very interesting. As a matter of fact, I really love free diving. Haven't done very much of it myself yet though. If the keto diet works for me, I might experiment on myself with this. Thanks for sharing.

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