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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have been on full Keto for over year now. My daily carb intake is usually below 20g. The problem I am having is, that every time I train I run out of steam very quickly, especially when doing kicks. Already into my second round (out of 4) during a 1.5 hour training I feel my arms and legs getting heavy and it goes downhill quickly from there on. Do you feel that you have lesser endurance than being on a carbs/glucose diet and if so, how do you deal with it? Cheers
  2. Sylvie's written and vlogged about her journey into Keto and eventually 1+1 Keto, here is a running list of articles and videos. Her diet has evolved over time, and is the result of a lot of research, but also of personal testing. Right now it is 1+1 Keto with Full Salt. This is eating toward nutritional ketosis, and fasting ever other day, and supplementing with sodium. I also eat 1+1 Keto, following her in this plan: The Ketogenic Diet and Muay Thai | How I Gave Up the Carb and Saved My Mind Energy, Mental Clarity: Upping Your Sodium | 1+1 Keto my guest post: Muay Thai Aest
  3. Something that makes a great Keto snack. One of the things you can miss on Keto is crunchy things. In Chiang Mai there is a great source for pork rinds. Not only are there levels of light or heavy thickness, there is a spicy green sauce that you can get. Together they are like chips and salsa. We get bags of these and bring them back to Pattaya every time we visit. Map of where it is: https://goo.gl/maps/Wdw9k77xRpe9FMm66
  4. This morning I was making my go to fat bomb recipe which I call Cookie Dough. It's very easy. Just blend cream cheese, peanut butter (no sugar), shards of 99% cocoa chocolate, a touch of vanilla. All to taste. It helps me get my fats up and tastes delicious.
  5. I've talked about it elsewhere, but one of the challenges on Keto is to get enough potassium, especially because many potassium rich foods are off limits (spinach, avocado, yogurt are allowed in proportion). In any case, getting your 4,700 mg (4.7 grams) of potassium which is at the upper end of recommended dailies, given that the keto diet can flush electrolytes and that if you are sweating in Thailand you are probably losing them, can be a struggle. Getting low on potassium can give you all sorts of syndromic symptoms that you could attribute to other things, such as training too hard, etc.
  6. When the word "keto" escapes my lips, the first thing I get is a comment or message about how it's great for weight loss and terrible for athletes. As it happens, I'm an athlete and I haven't lost weight.... and yet it's good for me. Mostly people worry about endurance, hitting a wall, not having energy during training, etc. All of this is exacerbated by the fact that I also fast every other day. Not only is low carb supposed to make you tired, but no food at all should make you unable to move. I've experienced none of this. Not even so much at the beginning, before I was fat-adapted. But
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