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  1. Hello everyone,

    I finally decided to come train in thailand this summer (august).


    I'm an european advanced beginner / intermediate and I want to practice my technique and sparring as a southpaw. 

    One thing that's annoying in my current gym (in switzerland) is that the instructor always makes exercises for regular stances (and even ask me to switch mine to perform the exercise). For I figured I'd learn faster (and more sparring tricks) with a southpaw instructor. Maybe?

    How to

    Also, any step by step advice to choose a camp and handle the logistic (like hosting, etc.) would be much appreciated because I'm not used to travel and I feel a bit lost.

    I think it would be good to train with thais (because that's why I come!) but I'm looking for comfortable enough hosting (single quiet room, A/C, wifi, private bathroom) so that I can really focus on the training without having to handle living conditions too different than what I'm used to.

    I've read good review on french websites about SitSongpeenong which seems rather easy to setup because that have hosting and everything (http://sitsongpeenong.com/muay-thai/) but it is really expensive. 



  2. Quote : "Hey, I love that you posted these - it's a cool idea to have a community "workshop" on technique, to borrow a word from writers."

    Thanks, I wasn't sure the forum was a good place for such a personal question  :sweat:


    I'll keep an eye on your advice, thank you very much !  :smile:  :thanks:


    What do you mean by : " the tighter you keep that arm " ?

    Should it be closer to my face ?





    Welcome to the community Julien! 

    Thanks !  :thanks:

  3. Hello !


    I discovered 8limbs.us quite recently and I find it amazing ! Thanks for all the good videos !

    After watching the floating block, I decided to try it myself in order to improve my (still imperfect) kicks.


    So here is my question : after training, I recorded two very short videos at home and since I don't see what's still wrong with my kicks, but I know they are not perfect yet, I though I could ask here  :sweat:


    I'm interested in every details : arms position, legs position, hips rotation, etc.





    I know the quality of the vid isn't perfect, but I didn't dare to record at the gym...

    Thanks !  :thanks:

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