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  1. Hi everyone,

    Have you had any serious foot cramps before? The kind that feels like your feet are getting all crunched up and you try to move the muscles in your feet but that only makes the pain worse and actually nothing moves on your feet anyway. It's debilitating although temporary. The annoying part is that it comes and goes consistently at random times. Massaging with rubber balls seems to help, but only temporarily.

    I've been give the advice that it's due to excessive sweating during training and thus depletion of essential minerals, and was encouraged to take some magnesium and vitamin B12? Someone also recommended to eat shit loads of bananas, which I did but that doesn't help either.

    Would love any constructive feedback!

    Thanks guys

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  2. Sylvie, from an untrained eye, I was puzzled how Duannapa won the fight.
    Joanna had more activity, continued to bring the action and with more clean strikes.

    What I've gathered is that Muay Thai gives points for better clinching and more effective kicks to the torso?

    Could you elaborate with specific timestamp if possible, on how Duannapa stymied Joanna's game?

    [Edited a few typos, cause it's killing me!!]

  3. I'm having a hard time getting the roundhouse kick correctly when shadow boxing. Usually it ends up with me just lifting my leg to initiate the motion for reaction time training but looking nothing like a kick, or its raised at the knee and recoils back instead of completing the kick. It feels to me like the issue is that I have hard time balancing. The constant recoiling back at the 90 degree mark from the front is putting a lot of strain on my knees and I'd love some recommendations. If anyone has a mental analogy they used to get the roundhouse shadow working for them, would love to hear it.

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  4. For me specifically I'm also actively focusing on kicking more than the punching part. Punching is obviously a great way to close distance and measure distance, but given my background it's also the comfortable place, which is not where growth happens.

    Another thing is the mental exercise of not overthinking. To think in order only to set intent and develop a physical feel.

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  5. I've been doing a lot of just observing videos of fights the last few weeks. I sense the purpose is to see what's possible so I can emulate it. In order to emulate, first I must break things down to science, and later it will become my own style of art.

    There's a lot to work on, so I wondered if there's some sensible "chunking" of information that could provide a good basis for beginners.

    At this stage I'm sensing that the focus should be on proper form, good defense and conditioning.

    Thank you Sylvie for insight into the things that you're working on, it was very helpful.

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  6. Hi all!

    As a prelude to this post, following is a little background. I've posted it elsewhere in the forum, but context is crucial, so including here:

    I'm very new to Muay Thai, but come from amateur western boxing experience, so have a headstart in terms of punching, understanding distance, angles..etc. I'm currently in Bangkok training MT till end of July.

    My question is both long term and short term, as I plan to be doing MT for a long time, but also have an incredible opportunity to train in Thailand in the immediate time frame of two months ahead.

    • What should a beginner focus on when training?
    • How does one structure his/her training going forward? Are there set lists of things that need to be worked on, or does it evolve organically from your own inclinations and experiences in fights? I understand there's kicks, elbows, knees and punches -- but there're worlds that exist in those simple words that I do not yet understand.
    • Is it your trainer's job to direct you, or is it yours?
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  7. I used to box in western style and recently picked up Muay Thai and am now in Bangkok training.

    As an active boxer I ran religiously, but it's been awhile. One thing that I noticed whenever I come back to running after some time off, is the massive calf pain that lasts sometimes for almost 10 days.

    I wonder if anyone else has experienced this, and others can pitch in on ways to avoid or at least minimize this inconvenience. I'm diligent in easing into it, but still have not been able to avoid it.

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