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  1. I have been around both elite level runners and combat sports athletes. I believe that the biggest thing is determining actual injuries that need to be trained around and just being sore and tired. As stated above active recovery is so important! I also believe that people that that have high pain tolerances and a great deal of determination need to ease into training to build their bodies up. Even though an out of shape person with determination can train or "over train" for, and run a marathon. It is not going to be ideal for them and the risk of actual injury increases greatly. For the person that has been training for years, I believe that over training is much harder to achieve and most people will not get there, I do believe that it exists. The body and mind require rest to perform at their full potential, and if you are "over training" you most likely are not getting the rest required and are "under resting". I think that the mind is an incredible thing and extremely powerful. Some are more powerful than others when it comes to pushing their personal limits, but I believe that minds can be changed as well, with the right mental training. I am also of the feeling that you can not do all of your training at 100% as again the risk of injury sky rockets. I believe both points of view have valid points.

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  2. Hello all,


    I went to watch fights last night with members and trainers of the gym I have been training at and looking to book myself a fight with and experienced something that just did not sit well with me. I am not sure whether this is just something that is a cultural difference or whether it would not sit well with others as well. I am aware that Thailand is the wild west of getting fights as Sylvie writes here http://8limbs.us/blog/real-reality-fight-matchups-thailand

    There was a foreigner fighting out of the gym I have been training at. I am not sure how long they have been training there or at any other gym, but were representing the gym. There were bets being placed all night, on various fighters. However one of the trainers advised to bet against the fighter representing the gym. They then took it a step further and once the bet was placed asked to be in on the bet themselves.

    I am up for fighting a more experienced or heavier opponent but what I saw was one step beyond this. I know that no gym in the west would do something like this, or not any that I have trained at. It makes me leery of accepting a fight out of this gym as I am not sure if they would really be in my corner or are placing bets against me and booking me against an opponent looking to make money from me losing.

    All opinions on this are greatly appreciated.

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  3. Hi Kay, great post. Just what I was looking for. What is the ratio of people looking to have a vacation versus training hard in preparation for a fight? Did many people from Sinbi fight while you were there? Was it easy for people to get fights in Phuket? Were there any trainers that you worked better with, and if so were you able to continue training with that trainer if you wanted to?

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  4. Thank you both for the quick replies and great advice. The plan now is to fly into Bangkok check out a few gyms and then head up to Chiang Mai so that we are there to watch you fight. I am going to decide in the first week where to put in the time to get my first fight and like you said maybe check out more gyms after that. Are there any other gyms in Bangkok or Chiang Mai that either of you would recommend? 



    I will definitely be treating all injuries and will be following your tips posted on your blog for any shin injuries http://8limbs.us/blog/treating-shins-for-recovery-knots-bruises-bumps-muay-thai 

    Is there any specific physical or mental preparation that will make the transition to full time training easier, that I can start now? Certain distances for running? 



    It is great to hear that the trainers there would be able to get me a fight, when I show them that I want to fight! What about training at Master Toddy's do you enjoy the most? What was your friends experience like training at Sinbi? 

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  5. Hi Sylvie,

    I want to start with saying how inspirational you have been to my girlfriend and me. We came across your Youtube page 3 or 4 months ago and we have both been following your muay thai journey diligently ever since. We often ask each other if we have read Sylvie's post in  the morning as "it is a good one!" We are coming to Thailand to train, in 9 days, and I want to fight 2-3 times during my two month stay.

    I have never fought before but have been training various martial arts off and on for 8-9 years. I made the decision to fight and have been training with consistency for the first time ever, running lots, going from 180 lbs to 150 in the last 4 months. 

    I am planning on travelling during the first month to check out 5-6 different camps around Thailand and decide where I want to spend the last month training at. My girlfriend is with me the first month and then just me for the last month. I would like to fight at least once before she leaves, but will be gym hopping. From your posts it sounds like Chiang Mai is the easiest place to get fights, is that correct? If I show up in good shape, will I be able to get a fight right away?

    Do you have any recommendations on camps to go check out? We are flying into Bangkok and are flexible from there. On the list right now is Master Toddy's, 13 coins, Sinbi, Lanna and the gyms you are training out of in Pattaya. The main objective is training and fighting. We are not going to be there to party or vacation, but if a beach is nearby that would be a bonus.

    We would love to come train with you and watch you fight. Do you have any scheduled fights between April 25 and May 11?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Again thank you for the inspiration that you provide us both on a daily basis. This trip might not be happening if it wasn't for you!





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