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  1. Hi Roosh, 

    Not been to Banchamek, but trained at Fairtex a long time ago. Way over priced in my opinion, and wasn't the best. For my money I'd well recommend Petchyindee. Petchyindee is not cheap either, but top name fighters and flexible training packages. Very nice accommodation/food you'll be well looked after. The gym is in a non-touristy part of Bangkok though, so just a heads up - there isn't much around. If you make it there, be sure to train with Kru Wat - its an experience 🙂  


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  2. Hi, I'm looking for a place to train in November. Attachai looks like a strong contender, my only reservation is mosquitos... Unfortunately, no matter how much I deet up - they tend to swarm around me, and i react badly to bites. Attachai's looks quite rural. Could anyone whose been comment please? Am I likely to get eaten alive, or is it no worse than any other gym? Feedback appreciated please, thanks!

  3. Hey all, 

    I was wondering whether anyone ever "tips" at a gym they've visited in Thailand, and if so, what the etiquette is?

    I'm thinking especially when ones spent some time at a particular gym, and you feel like the trainer has made an extra effort with you. 

    Thanks for your thoughts!






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