PhetJee Jaa O. Meekhun vs Rittidaytlek Luktamlua – Nov 2012 | [vid] 10 yrs old in Phuket

  One of the coolest things about meeting and training with PhetJee Jaa was that we were able to get video of 5 fights of hers that were stuck...


One of the coolest things about meeting and training with PhetJee Jaa was that we were able to get video of 5 fights of hers that were stuck on old camera SD cards. The video above is the first of these, we’ll be posting all 5 on my YouTube channel. It is great to have these fights available, hopefully the word will spread about her remarkable talent and story. If you are a fan of female Muay Thai please do share this video and others. She and her family are in a difficult financial situation now that the Thailand Muay Thai governing body has banned boy/girl fights, in an action that feels in some way directed specifically at her (for those who do not follow, she was gaining fame for fighting and beating boys on national Thai TV at the age of 11). Sharing her fights can possibly build opportunity for her and her family in the future. A western awareness would provide the setting for what she may be able to do when 14 or 16, she is 12 now and is having a very hard time finding fights.

Personally – and I hope people don’t tire of me saying this – she is my favorite Muay Thai fighter in the world, and pretty much my hero (for reasons I explain here). She is the best female fighter in the world, pound for pound. Even though a girl still, her technique is more true than any female fighter I know of, in the world. Her heart is immense. I learn things from watching her fights, watch them too.

My intro article to PhetJee Jaa here.


PhetJee Jaa - 12 year old female Muay Thai fighter

PhetJee Jaa - female Child Fighter - Muay Thai

PhetJee Jaa - Fight number 1

PhetJee Jaa - Knee - Muay Thai - child fighter

PhetJee Jaa - Knee - female fighter - Black and White

PhetJee Jaa - Lifted into Her Corner by her Father Between Rounds


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