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Fight Record This is my full fight record up to date. It has become something of an informal quest to reach 50 fights, and now realizing how meaningful the...
Fight Record

This is my full fight record up to date. It has become something of an informal quest to reach 50 fights, and now realizing how meaningful the fight process is to me, possibly even 100. As some of you know all of my fights are also on my fight video page, often with written descriptions not only of the fight but also of the events which surrounded them. Compiling the detailed record of one’s fights is, I believe, a significant thing for women. Too much of female fighting is lost to obscurity – entire fight careers exist only in the memories of a few persons and a handful of photographs.  Putting up video, commentary, and also a recording of dates, opponents and outcomes is a vital thing for women to do – all fighting women – if we expect to be considered equally as fighters, which we absolutely do.

I want to thank Rew Mitchell of R-Awakening for prompting me to make this list through the example of my Awakening profile, which he put a lot of work into.  I had all my fights on my YouTube channel, but Rew is who initially compiled my record. He has an ambition to keep up to date individual fight records of all female fighters on the Awakening profile pages.

A fight history is important, not just numerical Wins and Losses or belts. We have to write a history so others can orient themselves to it, add to it and ultimately surpass it. To a certain degree if we are not recorded then after a time we do not exist. Further, the Thais that fight Westerners also deserve recognition and a history; I regret the absence of the few names I have missed. I would love to organize a female Thai fighter recognition effort.  Fighters know that our opponents live through us, and we through them.

The spreadsheet below can be clicked through to directly: Complete Muay Thai Record – Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu  or you can side-scroll through it in this embeddable version.



For any female fighters interested it is easy to create a spreadsheet document in Google Drive if you have a gmail account. And in only a few clicks it can be embedded as a live document like this one. It is a simple way to archive your fight history for reference.

Fight Progress

Coming to Thailand in April of 2012 was the big move for me – and the aim was not just of receiving great full-time training, but also to grow through fighting as much as possible just as young Thai boys do, something I realized that was possible through the example of Sylvie Charbonneau who was my same size and compiled 50 fights.  Below is my fight progression over time since returning to Thailand. The longest stretches off between fights was due to having to wait for stitches to heal, and a broken nose to heal.



Below is the overall progress of fights over time since my very first fight at the WKA’s in June of 2009. Here you can see the immediate benefit of opportunity that Thailand affords a lighter female fighter. In the States I took every fight I could, many against less than ideal opponents by weight or experience under the continuing belief that the best way to improve was to fight. As can be seen I endured a long losing streak which lasted more than a year before I left for Thailand, what one female fighter who had experienced something of the same called “surfing the Apocalypse”. A great learning experience and mental test.



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A 100 lb. (46 kg) female Muay Thai fighter. Originally I trained under Kumron Vaitayanon (Master K) and Kaensak sor. Ploenjit in New Jersey. I then moved to Thailand to train and fight full time in April of 2012, devoting myself to fighting 100 Thai fights, as well as blogging full time. Having surpassed 100, and then 200, becoming the westerner with the most fights in Thailand, in history, my new goal is to fight an impossible 471 times, the historical record for the greatest number of documented professional fights (see western boxer Len Wickwar, circa 1940), and along the way to continue documenting the Muay Thai of Thailand in the Muay Thai Library project: see


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