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Karuhat 1993 Vintage Replica Shorts – Lamnamoon Fight

Replica Karuhat’s famous pink shorts, he wore at Lumpini Stadium in the Golden Age of Muay Thai fighting. Watch the loved Lamnamoon fight here. These shorts were designed with the personal help of Karuhat, who kept them as close to the photos and his memory. 100% of the net profits go to Karuhat himself. Note: These currently are taking 10-12 weeks to make and be shipped.

Karuhat Vintage Replica Shorts

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Karuhat Shorts in the fight

above are screenshots we used to reconstruct the shorts. The S.P.W. initials are for his fighting gym name “Sor. Supawan”. The circles on the sides of the shorts say “Karu” and “hat” respectively.

Karuhat Shorts w Karuhat

You can see closer to the true color of the shorts above, Karuhat wearing them. You can also see them in this Instagram video clip.

Karuhat Shorts

above, I LOVE my Karuhat shorts, and have already fought in them.

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From the sale of my shorts below the net profits go to my Kru Fund, which is to be distributed to all the fighters and krus documented in my Muay Thai Library Preserve the Legacy project, or in the case of specific fighter shirts, directly to the fighter themselves.

Sylvie 200 Fights Shorts – Black on Black

Sylvie Store - Sylvie 200 Fights Signature Shorts - Black on Black

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all net profits go to my Kru Fund, directed toward the krus & ex-fighters in the Muay Thai Library

These shorts celebrate the achievement of 200 fights, the black and black design in respect to the passing of King Rama IX who was being buried in the month of these short’s release (October, 2017). All net profits go to the krus & ex-fighters I’m documenting. You can see what they look like here:

The Muay Khao Summit Shirts – Two Designs

Muay Khao Summit Shirts - Sylvie two designs

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