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Can I count on your vote for the Enfusion Reality muay thai Tv show?

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Thank you!Enfusion Live is airing another season of their TV reality show and you can help me make it to the show!


In May 2017 Thaiboxing organization Enfusion Live (one of Hollands biggest promoters) will start shooting another season of their reality series.

Sixteen fighters (eight 72.5Kg fighters & eight 85Kg fighters) will live and train together but also fight each other. The winner will receive a contract deal from Enfusion Live.


Fighters from all over the world have applied for a position on the show, only 3 will be selected by means of a poll. You the people can cast your vote on your favorite fighter.


Years of training and fighting has paid off and I feel ready to take on anyone they put in front of me. Here's a short highlight of a few of my fights from amateurs up until now (pro).


To compete at Enfusion will be a huge boost for my career as a fighter. An opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime. So even I applied for a position on the show but I need your help!


Voting for me will take no more than a minute of your time:


Go to the voting website

2  A pop-up will appear, you will be asked to like the Enfusion Live Facebook page. You have to like it in order to cast your vote. (you can unlike them after voting if you wish to do so).

The names under the 72.5Kg division are in alphabetical order.

Look for and click on the name Eric Sousa.

Click VOTE at the bottom of the page.

That is all!


I would really appreciate all the votes I can get. Having second thoughts if im worthy of your vote? Check out my Highlight , if you're not impressed, no hard feelings. I aim to improve every time. But if you liked it, please do take the time to vote for me.


Thank you!

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