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I enjoyed last year's goal thread quite a bit, and am happy to report my goals were accomplished.  The best one I set was to be patient and not to be embarrassed to be a beginner.  Why just yesterday I fell on my ass and ran into a wall practicing flying knees and roundhouses lol; I was not really embarrassed at all.  Totally fun.  From one point of view I am no longer a beginner, from a fight point of view I am.  I did accomplish my goal of having my first smoker which at age friggin-old is pretty fantastic and I am happy about that.  The only goal I can articulate right now is no more apologizing (unless truly warranted) - thanks New Thai.  Otherwise I have to get a shoulder mri next week then I can set my 2017 goals.  Look forward to reading everyone's.

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In 2017 I would like to:


-have at least 2 fights outside a tournament

-participate in a tournament

-move down another weight class


I am hoping to fight either in February or March depending on whether a match is found. My team is considering a few tournaments to choose from over the summer, and my weight loss has been planned and started already.

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I've had 1 fight after two years of training so in 2017 my goal is

  • To have 4 fights here in Australia before I travel to Thailand in August to stay for approximately 6 months (hopefully more)
  • I want to have 1 fight in Thailand by the end of the year
  • Build confidence in myself when training and having a strong mindset
  • And lastly the most important one for me is to be open about wanting to fight in Thailand and not to shy about it.


Goal threads seem cool :) Thanks for starting this thread.

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My ultimate goal for 2017 is to have my first amateur fight after 2 years of training. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity last year and surely hope I can accomplish that goal! 

And win. Haha~ I've always dreamed and pictured myself having the referee raise my hand after the fight; that feeling like most of you have must have been phenomenal!


Just a side goal that I'm very pleased to have completed this year was: I finally decided to run and logged in about 2 miles/3.2km under 30 minutes. I know its not the best time ever but for someone who absolutely hated running, and never bothered adding this as part of my training regimen, I am very proud of myself. :D

So adding a 5km goal would be awesome!

I think these goals are doable  :sweat:

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My goals for this year :
-recover as good as possible from surgery (knee:meniscus) and train and prepare hard as hell
-have 2 or 3 more fights
-retire as active fighter
-keep on teaching and coaching at the gym
-MOST IMPORTANT GOAL :  raise again a nice amount of money by way of muay thai (teaching:promoting:showing:etc) and help the hiv/aids infected  orphans of Baan Gerda  in Lop Buri Thailand
-stay healthy

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My 2017 goals are:

1.  Continue to enjoy learning the art of Muay Thai.  

2. Continue mental training, especially this effective practice:    http://www.lionsroar.com/how-to-practice-feeding-your-demons/?utm_content=bufferae389&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

3.  Rest and recover well (avoid injury if possible this way).

4.  Have at least two fights.  First one is scheduled March 31.

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My sport goals for 2017:

1. Keep injury free,
2. Run a marathon,
3. Train more thaiboxing
4. Add some weighttraining/exercises to my regimen
5. Get back to my competition weight
6. And after all fight again.


1. Most important thing is to keep injury free so I can keep training and working.

2. Run my first marathon ever (longest distance till today 20km, last year in May) and also just up my running in general: longer distances, up the frequency, up the pace, add interval/sprint training, ...

3. My work regimen; working one week from 6h till 14h and the other week from 14h till 22h (which meant I could not train at our club that week) changed now to a continue night shift (22h-6h) so I can train almost everyday now (which mean 7-8 trainings/week and got Tuesday and Sunday "free" to add some more training like heavy bag workout, extra padtraining, extra sparring, ... :D ).

4. I got a background in powerlifting but now would like to add some useful exercises to my training, I teach some circuittraining at our gym so just have to make time to do some of these for myself.

5. Loose some fat that I gained while not exercising much and eating all crapy foods. So mostly eat clean foods now and give my body the nutrition it needs, and the exercising will be fixed, see 3..

6. Doing my first C-class fight.

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I train in MMA so my goals are not exclusive to Muay Thai. :)

Competition Goals:

  • As many local BJJ tournaments as I can (I've done one this year so far, and have another one scheduled in April. I think I can get at least a total of 3, maybe even 4 in)
  • The Sunflower State Games wrestling tournament (why the hell not?! My experience in wrestling is minimal but I LOVE it)
  • The Iowa Muay Thai tournament (if I have enough time off work)
  • Have my first MMA fight in November 

Training Goals:

  • Improve takedowns and takedown defense 
  • Improve my striking from Southpaw
  • Train at JacksonWink in July, and Duane Ludwigs gym
  • In general, continue to train like a monster 

Personal Goals:

  • First and foremost, work on my attitude (more positive thinking, etc) - not just in fighting but in all aspects of my life
  • Walk around at 145 (at 148-150 now. I know 3-5lbs isn't a lot, but I struggle with it)
  • Continue to connect and promote women in martial arts in Kansas City 
  • Expand my personal brand...I dream of finding a sponsor someday 
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    • Now you don’t need to quarantine to enter Thailand looking to go by end of this year/ early next for 1 month. Can anyone help with gyms id like the gym to have -proper thai training with good trainers not all touristy but not super old school.  -Thai and western fighters so trainers can work with westerners but it’s not full of tourists -opportunity to fight at end of month  -accom in gym or very close  -dosnt need to be super clinch focused but good clinch as thats my weakness  -good trainers with good instruction for westerners  -preferably in Chang Mai as it’s the cheapest and on a budget -don’t need all fancy equipment and stuff  I like the look of santai Muay Thai, hongthong and boon lanna if anyone has experience with them? Thanks for anyone who can help. 
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    • I've read that internal and external martial artists are striving for the same goal, just in opposite directions. The external artists train the form and refine the technique, strengthening the body from the outside in. The internal martial artists trains the structure and refines the technique, strengthening the body from the inside. In that way, external arts would be working with colors and the internal artists would be working with line drawings. Both can make a complete picture but both together would be a powerful combination. I'm a stroke survivor that's always been into fitness. I've also had the unfortunate luck of being in a physical altercation while in my current condition. At the the time, i was able to perform optimally. Thankfully he was drunk and we weren't alone but i still had to defend myself initially. Every since then, I've been researching the most effective combination of martial arts to end fights and improve my balance. You ever meet me in real life, you'll learn that I'm a massive nerd. However, I'm also into fitness, so forming this theory has been very interesting. Bruce Lee's approach to the philosophy of the creation of Jeet kune Do was my place to start. However, his mother art was wingchun and he used methods from other systems to make a more comprehensive system, creating the foundation for MMA. The main 2 styles I found were Muay Thai and Yiquan.  I feel Muay Thai is excellent in the sense of a comprehensive striking system and Yiquan requires you to slow your movements down to fine tune the little balance issues i have. I understand i have no real fight experience and that has been an obstacle but i have experience in physical training and am ready to take advice and criticism
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    • I can recommend you to visit Kst Muay Thai.. For the Time Being, you can learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai by yourself. That could be done though reading Blogs!! Like Muay Thai Citizen, Fight Supplies, Team Elite etc. But combat sports must be performed with another person. You can develop negative habits that are tough to break if you don't have someone to correct your form. Training with an instructor is by far the most effective way to learn.
    • Hello everybody =) I'm a muaythai researcher from Brazil. I'm looking for information about the best current muaythai trainers in Thailand, unfortunately I didn't find any consistent information.   Can someone help me?
    • I think what's more important than scent is how effective they actually are. In my experience once gloves smell bad, there's no going back. I'd love to find a solution that works.
    • Exceptional display of courage.  Stood up until the end.
    • Hey, I'm familiar with the struggles with partnering with beginners.  Once is a while is fine, but you don't get as much out of the class as you would with someone at your level.  Here are things I've done in the past: 1) ask the advanced women to come help me train (either in class of outside of class)  2) invite the women that are less advanced, but seem keen on learning, to train with me outside of class, say casually for just techniques (I specified no sparring).  Also give them opportunity to suggest what to work on during those times you train together.  The 2nd one was very hard initially for me, as it involved setting up this new group training.   Our gym had ladies' sparring before that ended in disasters, so I tried to steer us away from that.  Also talking to be ppl I don't know and managing multiple new relationships makes me very anxious and mentally exhausted. But that investment of energy pays dividends -  I started this a few years ago and I have a few women from there that developed a lot since and partners when me in class consistently.  We train together outside of class also.  We even met up in parks to train when the gym got shutdown during covid (but small groups outdoor gatherings were allowed).
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