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The Greatest Muay Thai Trilogy Ever Fought - Samson Isaan vs Lakhin Wassandasit (all 3 fights)

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Treat yourself to one of the greatest battles ever in Thailand. Here is a playlist of the 3 fights all of which happened in 1992 after Samson had won FOTY in 1991: Samson vs Lakhin Trilogy (playlist). Samson was known for his unparalleled toughness, both a Muay Maat fighter and a Muay Khao clinch fighter, a relentless force. Lakhin was nicknamed "Thai Tyson" for hitting way above his weight, a ferocious puncher to held the Rajadamnern belt at this weight.
Fight 1
Fight 2
Fight 3
You can study both fighters here:
#41 Samson Isaan 1 - The Art of Dern Fighting (64 min) watch it here 
#74 Samson Isaan 2 - Muay Khao & Western Boxing Excellence (59 min)  watch it here 
#116 Samson Isaan 3 - Dern Pressure Fighting & Defense (44 min) watch it here
#123 Samson Isaan 4 - Secrets Of His Pressure Fighting (122 min) watch it here
#75 Lakhin Wasantasit - Boxing & Muay Thai Organized Destruction (76 min) watch it here 
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