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I know we're all guilty of it, but all good things take time. Whatever you're working on, you'll need a strategy, a timeline, and objectives. The same is true when it comes to studying Muay Thai!

So, here are our top ten ideas to help you develop your Muay Thai abilities more quickly.

Look for a reputable gym and a trained instructor

This is another no-brainer. Before committing to a gym, go to a few different ones and test out a few different trainers. Talk to others about where they train, the benefits and drawbacks, and so on. When you're ready to make a decision, choose one gym and a trainer you enjoy working with. Then make a time sheet and keep track of when you started. Review your progress and opinions with your trainer on a frequent basis, and give it your all. Recommit or reassess everything after the first year or so. However, don't chop and change at every chance or when things don't seem to be going as planned. First, put it out there, then reconsider. Third, speak with your coach. If at all possible, keep a winning horse! Gym hoppers are the one thing that trainers and clubs despise. Don't be a gym hopper; it won't help you. Don't become a gym hopper, I repeat!
Unless you have a compelling cause to do so. However, you have already committed a mistake in point 1 while making your decision. For example, there is a separate blog here that can help you choose the correct gym, or Muay Thai Advisor can help you find various Muay Thai clubs.

Keep your expectations in check!

This should go without saying. Set reasonable and attainable training goals that you can revisit on a regular basis. Don't be too humble, but don't be too honest. Setting lofty goals is the only way to attain success. It is not a real objective to just become another world champion (there are many of them, and it says nothing about you as a boxer). For example, a goal may be that you are pleased with yourself and your performance. It's like a brawl. You can only win a fight if you are happy with your performance. So, if you're not completely happy with your performance, focus on the weaknesses and make improvements. The objective is to be able to fight as smoothly as possible and to be able to compete against any opponent in your weight class. It is the greatest aim, but you will see it for yourself in the following years as you pursue your dream of being a Muay Thai fighter. Another achievable aim may be to travel to Thailand to learn and train Muay Thai one day. The surest and quickest method to become infected with Muay Thai is to go on a training vacation to the sport's birthplace. This would also help you develop your unique Muay Thai Style. The entire trip gets more fascinating and maybe life changing once you have trained in Thailand and experienced this lifestyle and martial art there. This is also one of the greatest, most enjoyable, and quickest methods to enhance your abilities!

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Muay Thai techniques were originally designed for unarmed combat on the battlegrounds. Improve your Muay Thai skills, let’s take a quick look at the different basic Muay Thai techniques:


Muay Thai is a stand-up striking style and punches are the most natural and fastest weapons in the arsenal. Punches are common in almost all stand-up martial arts including boxing, karate and many styles of kung fu.


The elbow strike is a signature technique most commonly associated with Muay Thai. The elbow is the hardest and sharpest bone in the human body, making it a dangerous weapon to possess. 


The knee is the largest joint of the human body. In Muay Thai, knee strikes are akin to spears and thrown in a stabbing motion. Knee strikes typically target the ribs but can also target the head like an axe via a flying/jumping knee. 


The Muay Thai kick is one of the most powerful weapons in all martial arts. It can generate a huge amount of force when perfected through diligent practice and conditioning. 


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