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Artificial Sweeteners* may throw you off ketose

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Since a 10 month, Im living consistently  on a LCHF diet. A relatively liberal one allowing me up to 50g carbs a day, still keeping ketose.  And I do experimentate quite friskly with resistant starch.  Yet  I have no difficulty to remain in ketose,   Thus, as far as I know, unbroken ketose during all these months.    I suppose my two good hours of exercise almost every day helps me.


A month ago I did bought a bottle of Trocadero Zero;  a sort of fruity Coke soda,  sweetened with aspartam and acesulfam-K.  But no carbs.    I drank 3 small glasses, less than half a liter.

Next morning, my scale was a half kilogramme up (1 pound).  Next evening the scale showed additional two pounds more!  Broken scale??  But I did remembered, the other time I did bought Trocadero Zero,  I too gained a pound...  So it was no sheer coincidence!   Whattsa matter?  A bad batch containing sugar?  Or a batch where they put on wrong label?? And it was really regular Trocadero with sugar?   Both bottles were bought in my local shop.

I mailed to "my brother in LCHF";  really my son living in another city, whom too is on LCHF...  He told me; the batch was prob OK, but several "Gurus" had reported some people do react on aspartam + Acesulfam-K... They get blood sugar spikes...  And may add a pound or two for a couple of days...


OK.  I leave the Trocadero to my wife whom is holding a common low carb diet, but no keto.  And proceed with my usual keto diet.... Three days later I got dizzy a couple of days.  Ie exact the symptom I got when my ketosis began once upon a time...

Ergo:  Warning for artificially sweeteners!   Esp Aspartam + Acesulfam-K, but possibly also others artificial sweeteners.

This  barely 500 ml  of sweetened soda threw me out of ketosis!!!    If I did drank  500 ml of the regular sugar Trocadero or Coke, it would hardly throw me out of ketosis!



1.  Do avoid artificial sweeteners*.  They may be OK for people whom just want to avoid sugar for diet reasons to spare on the calories,  but they is no good  for us ketosians!

IF you really are dying for a sweetened soda, its probably less bad to drink the regular thing...  Ie this soda sweetened by sugar...  


2.   Do not try to be sneaky, and drink juices sweetened with artificial sweeteners*...  Juice may be healthy, but this is a bad compromise.

Its probably much better if you eat a little of real fruit... A half apple?   You will get all the vitamines while they are still fresh, and also the healthy pulp and fibers, and other parts in fruit - but not always present in premade juice... 

You must of course beware the usual 50g carb limit.    Observe fibers is free quota; they dont need to count in the carbos, as they pass directly through the intestines.



*Remark:  There are some OK sweeteners.  Stevia is wellknown to be OK, possibly even healthy.  Monk fruit, and some others are OK too.  The brand of Nicks  is making good sweeteners for consuments to cook on.  Sweets and even ice-cream... There are surely others good producents.

 But unless you know for sure a sweetener is OK, do avoid it.

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I once had a naturopath tell me when I was a smoker that he’d rather see me give up artificial sweetener before cigarettes. That the chemicals in those drinks will make me sick! 
I found that quite scary and something I’ll never forget.

apparently it’s something to do with the link to MS and other problems.


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