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Keto basketball athlete OMAD potassium and sodium questions

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I did muay thai in the past and still train by myself just kicking the bag sometimes. But mainly I'm a basketball athlete, and I started a OMAD keto diet. I'm wondering what type of supplements I should take especially for potassium or should I try to consume potassium through avocados or spinach. And for salt I'm guessing I can just put Himalayan sea salt in a drink with magnesium to maintain my sodium and magnesium levels. I think I'm going to drink a powerade zero and add the salt and magnesium to that so I can enjoy taking my supplements everyday. There are no carbs in the drink but there are sweeteners. The only thing I'm worried about is my potassium source. Any advice in general would be appreciated. Because playing basketball I'm gonna be sweating a lot from training. But I'm not too concerned with the salt/sodium aspect because I know I can supplement that easily. Oh and I just thought of this when it comes to explosiveness, does being on a ketogenic diet lower your explosiveness at all. I know it can be good for endurance, but explosiveness is very important for me when it comes to basketball. And is taking creatine okay when doing the ketogenic diet while training? Sorry for so many questions but I would really appreciate help on any of my concerns.


Thanks a lot!


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    • If you're doing it at the same place, with the same coaches there probably won't be tons of difference in how you learn to punch and kick. Depending on where you go the rhythm is quite different. Kickboxing is fought with a lot more urgency because the fights are two rounds shorter + scoring favours aggression. It'll help your Muay Thai for sure. As for how they're different? It really depends on what sort of kickboxing you're learning. If you're learning what typically gets called 'K1 rules' nowadays, you're learning the same tools from Muay Thai, but without elbows and clinch work is much more limited (K1 used to allow for more clinching but Buakaw and Overeem were too dominant with it). Teeps are a rarity, Giorgio Petrosyan is the most dominant combat sport athlete of all time, and a large part of his success comes from shoves and teeps + that guy has beaten quite literally every top name except for Masato and a draw against Buakaw.  You should learn some clinch work, because in kickboxing you need to know how to punch and clutch, because the pace is so fast. I'd say it was probably just that particular class.  If your focus is Muay Thai, I'd suggest to train kickboxing every so often but I wouldn't focus  on it. If you'd rather kickboxing competition you can really stay and train in either, just so long as you're okay with losing weapons if you're training Muay Thai and competing in kickboxing, but you certainly won't be lost so long as you're sparring regularly with people who have a kickboxing style.
    • Here's a little update on my setup I had someone do a mural on the wall for inspiration. The next step is putting in some heavy bags and more gym equipment to make the work out area complete.
    • Nice, I'm glad you're back to it that's good to hear that places are still trying to provide services. My Muay Thai gym opened back up but had someone tested positive for COVID so they had to close back down but they are still going hard on the Zoom classes. I unfortunately got sick recently nothing related to COVID but it took me out for a while. I'm also just getting back to training again so I can share your enthusiasm.
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