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Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu

Keto Friendly Cafe Resource in Bangkok - Genius Bar BKK w/ a Bone Broth Bar

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This is really cool. Darren Liu listened to my appearance on the HVMN podcast, you can listen to that here. He's been doing doing cyclic keto for 3 years and just finished my first 100km ultra in Koh Chang, which is really cool, and says he trained in keto for most of it. One day I should try and ultra, just because I identity so much with ultra athletes and really relate to them in what I do. It turns out he also owns a Keto friendly Cafe.

I haven't been there yet, but it sounds pretty cool. They have a selection of bone broths, which is crazy.


The menu isn't 100% Keto, it's just 100% good stuff, but you can definitely order pure Keto there. I asked him and these are some of the options he suggested:

  • "my favorite carnivore dish, ground beef with 2 duck eggs mixed, cooked in our bone broth, with just salt"
  • "an organic coconut milk based Thai soup called Tom kha with chicken thigh"
  • "a pad ka prao without rice, which is 150 grams of grassfed ground beef, or organic chicken breast, or even pasture raised beef liver + a duck egg (or 3!)"
  • "a pasture raised ribeye from NZ with fried duck egg"

He also said they make their own Kimchi.

they're the only place serving Thai street food without processed seeds oils, and using grassfed beef and organic chicken — both antibiotic and hormone free

You can find them on Facebook here.and their website, with full menu, in here.

Some photos of their dishes:







Google Map Link here


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I’ve never ran a marathon before the 100km ultra trail... I just wanted to do something really brutal haha, also because I hate running. The goal was to break mental barriers and limitations.

Not to mention that that trail is regarded as one of the toughest in the world. What a gnarly experience. Nutrition definitely gave me an edge for performance and recovery — the power of being metabolically flexible with fat adaptation.


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