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Injury After Being Off Running - Calf Pain

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I used to box in western style and recently picked up Muay Thai and am now in Bangkok training.

As an active boxer I ran religiously, but it's been awhile. One thing that I noticed whenever I come back to running after some time off, is the massive calf pain that lasts sometimes for almost 10 days.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this, and others can pitch in on ways to avoid or at least minimize this inconvenience. I'm diligent in easing into it, but still have not been able to avoid it.

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I will sometimes get these pains from running. Its easy to get through it, but its annoying and probably unhealthy when the pain is remaining for many days. I asked a doctor about it and they said its because I went from doing nothing to running long distances in a short time period and its better to run short short distances and then gradually increase the distance. I don't really have the patience for that so I just deal with the inconvenience of pain and take a few days off when it gets intense  :laugh:

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