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Patreon Muay Thai Library - The Podcast Version (iTunes)

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The response has been pretty awesome for the Muay Thai Bones podcast, just me and Sylvie diving way down into the most details and big notion ideas that lie within Muay Thai, crazy as it may be. You can find the videos of those podcasts here on YouTube. So we're thinking of creating a podcast version of new Muay Thai Library sessions, and doing something special around the Muay Thai Library sessions. In the past we have put up the audio of some of them on Soundcloud, but we want to do something more, richer, more satisfying. We realize that we put up so much high-density content it's almost impossible to take it all in, so it might be nice to listen passively, on the run, to the sessions, and decide if they sound like something you'd like to watch in video, and study.

What we are thinking of is maybe a kind of mini-Muay Thai Bones, big idea chat session that could be also a video, maybe 20 minutes or so filmed after the session was done, a kind of Library Coffee (maybe just literally drinking coffee and hour later), followed by the audio of the session itself. This should give an hour and a half of good listening. No, you would not be able to see the video, obviously, but maybe we can help bring it alive more in Sylvie's audio commentary, and conversation. Back when we would just drop the audio file on Soundcloud several people wrote to say that they really enjoyed this. They would listen in the car, or on the way to the gym, and feel more connected to the Muay Thai of Thailand. Because a lot of what we are trying to do is to make people feel like they are here, and also bring out the bigger, important ideas of Muay Thai, and Muay Thai history, this seems like a good way to go.

I'm starting this post here mostly to get feedback, and to hear from you on ideas for things that would make this more interesting. We're open to all thoughts, but know that we have to find things that have as little friction in development, simply because we are already pretty swamped by all the content Sylvie already produces. Things that involve typed out translation, timestamps, anything that digs into piece by piece work is at this point overwhelming, to be honest. We are already backed up on some incredible projects that hopefully are coming your way.

But, if we can come up with innovative, creative ideas, ways to create more context, more detail, and a more enjoyable way to feel connected to the session through audio, that would be awesome.

Thank you to everyone supporting us on Patreon already. And, if you don't follow Muay Thai Bones on iTunes you can find out how to subscribe in this post here.

If you don't know what the Muay Thai Library project is, check it out here. There is now over 80 hours of archived, commentary training footage with legends and brilliant krus of Thailand.


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I love Muay Thai Bones, I like to watch the video version in small chunks. There's so much to digest. I don't often listen to podcasts if there is video available instead. Post Muay Thai Library chat sessions sound like a great addition. You put out so much wonderful video.  I am way behind on watching the most recent Muay Thai Library sessions, although I always read the intro article as soon as it is up. I really enjoy both your and Sylvie's writing style and would actually prefer more articles to read than more video to watch.

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10 minutes ago, dtrick924 said:

 I am way behind on watching the most recent Muay Thai Library sessions, although I always read the intro article as soon as it is up.

This is what I'm thinking about. Because we put up so much Muay Thai Library content trying to make a way to digest some of it without having to watch every video. Some people have said they like listening just to the audio, so maybe there is a way for us to make a kind of more audio friendly version.

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