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Tyler Byers

My Keto starters kit!

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Finally made it out to Healtholicious today. It's MUCH smaller than I expected. The staff is super friendly though and gave me a ton of samples to try. As would be expected their prices for their in-house products (especially the MCT oil) is much cheaper than buying from a reseller. I paid about 1,500 baht for a 1L bottle of oil from Keto Friendly (which has a great shop in Asok with lots of pre-made snack options), and only paid a little over 1,000 baht for the same oil at the Healtholicious store. They are setup more like an online shop with a warehouse than a retail store, but they have a product book you can flip through which lists all their products as well as the prices. They even threw in some free cocoa husk tea! I'll definitely be back!

I've kept this pretty basic for now, I want to make sure I can get into ketosis consistently and then I'll start branching out a bit more with my food choices. That is if my girlfriend doesn't kill me first lol. She is quite upset about having to give up her favorite mango ice cream.


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12 hours ago, Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu said:

Wow, looks like you got some exogenous ketones there?

I think that is just my testing strips 😄 Thanks for the heads up on the Cocoa Husk tea btw, I tried some last night and it is pretty good! It will be a nice break from regular water. That's definitely a weak spot for me. Fasting for a couple of days (if my brain doesn't implode from training with the General), so hopefully I'll get into ketosis pretty quickly. 

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