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Have you watched the full video Dtrick? I mean, the full documentary?

No just the clip on Indigogo. It looks like an interesting story though, especially that they are fighting out of an all female gym. Unfortunately the fund raising doesn't seem to have gained much momentum so I'm not sure how widely they will be able to distribute it.

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Wombat Sports podcast

The world of Muay Thai has opened up to female competitiors worldwide and in some places are more popular than MMA.

Prairie Rugilo, who has been a guest on this show, is someone looking to make her mark with a revolutionary gym "The Girl Fight". The all female gym helps develop talent, like DeAna, to feed their hunger for compeition. 

Matthew Kaplowitz, the editor and cheif of FightNerd.com, has started an Indie go-go campaign to get help document their story.

We will talk to Kaplowitz about the documentry and growth of women's muay thai.


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