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Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu

Resources on 1+1 Keto and Sylvie's Approach

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Sylvie's written and vlogged about her journey into Keto and eventually 1+1 Keto, here is a running list of articles and videos. Her diet has evolved over time, and is the result of a lot of research, but also of personal testing. Right now it is 1+1 Keto with Full Salt. This is eating toward nutritional ketosis, and fasting ever other day, and supplementing with sodium. I also eat 1+1 Keto, following her in this plan:

The Ketogenic Diet and Muay Thai | How I Gave Up the Carb and Saved My Mind

Energy, Mental Clarity: Upping Your Sodium | 1+1 Keto

my guest post:

Muay Thai Aesthetics, Keto, Persistence Hunting and the Shape of Time


Sylvie's Vlogs on Keto and Diet



The 1+1 Keto approach was a subject in our Muay Thai Bones Podcast:



1 Year of 1+1 Keto in Review


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I'm not sure this is the appropriate place or not but thought I would add some places to shop for Keto groceries in Bangkok.


Keto Friendly

There is a shop located in Interchange 21 in Asok called Keto Friendly. They also have a location at Century the Movie Plaza on the 3rd floor. Both should be accessible by BTS and Interchange 21 can be easily accessed by MRT as well. Prices are slightly higher than the sites listed below, but because of the location you may be able to save yourself from a delivery fee or minimum order.

Website: https://ketofriendlythailand.storehub.me/


Healtholicious has a store in Bang Kapi (a district of Bangkok) and also does delivery throughout Thailand. Deliveries can be made via Grab if you are in downtown BKK, or by EMS/Kerry if you are outside the normal delivery area. They seem to carry a large variety of products including some stuff other places don't always carry like snacks and spices. This is the best place to get your MCT oil, almost everywhere else gets it from them and other shops will charge an additional 500 baht per liter.

Website: https://healtholicious.com/

Paleo Robbie

Paleo Robbie is a pretty well known food delivery service in Bangkok. They have their own delivery system and send out frozen meals and ingredients in Styrofoam boxes packed in ice. I've heard some mixed things about their quality, but have only ordered from them twice. Both times were ok, though I wish they had left the package with my apartment manager instead of just leaving it at my doorstep where anyone could take it. They have a ton of keto products and at a glance appear to be the cheapest option though they do have a minimum delivery order of 750 baht.

Website: https://paleorobbie.com/

Keto House

Keto House has a large variety of products and fresh meals. I am not 100% certain, but it sounds like there is a mini-mart attached to the main store and it is open 24/7 offering pre-made keto meals and a smaller selection of products. Delivery can be handled by the store which uses their own in house service (70-250 baht depending on the order) and allegedly will deliver at any time. They also recommend using LINEMan or Grab for delivery as these services often have promotional discounts available. 

Website: http://www.ketohousemarket.com/

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