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    B Mac got a reaction from SHELL28 in Running List of Books and Films to Inspire   
    Legend of cus D’Amato 
    Legendary nights- Mikey ward vs Arturo gatti story 
    Rickson Gracie documentary 
    “Notorious” - Conor mcgregor documentary on netflix (im sure u have seen it) 

    Also I love this documentary called “breaking 2” about marathon running, I believe it is a Nat geo movie but I couldn’t find link
    thank you for your share sylvie, appreciate you for all that is YOU!
  2. Like
    B Mac reacted to Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu in Running List of Books and Films to Inspire   
    There aren't a lot of books or films directly about Muay Thai, the mental game for Muay Thai, the fighter's journey or all that. There are more options for other sports that have either been around for longer (Golf, Tennis, Running), or that have an English-speaking target audience (ultra-running, rock climbing). 
    However, I find some sports very, very inspiring for Muay Thai and what the mental side of it feels like - to me anyway. Here's my running list of books and films: 
    Rock Climbing: 
    Free Solo:
    Marathon Monks of Mt Hiei:
    Momentum Generation
    The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance
    A Wrestling Life: the Inspiring Stories of Dan Gable
  3. Respect
    B Mac reacted to Oliver in Western boxing beautiful flow /dern fights   
    Dunno if this is the kinda thing ya'll like, most wouldn't describe his way as beautiful. But for me, hell yeah it qualifies. Totally graceful in those body shot to head shot transitions, and his attack has some scary voodoo type defence built into it. He feels where his opponent wants to go, like, actually feels, because he likes having his body so close to him to judge timing on those head rolls. In other fights he uses that boxer clinch thing more, kinda funky, and it's done sly and efficient.
  4. Like
    B Mac got a reaction from Oliver in Western boxing beautiful flow /dern fights   
    When u guys speak of golden age Muay Thai, this is golden age western boxing with exceptional flow and dern... thought maybe u would enjoy, some have unbelievable endings!!
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    B Mac got a reaction from Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu in Western boxing beautiful flow /dern fights   
    Aaron pryor vs Alexis arguello I, II
     Orlando canizales vs kelvin seabrooks
    Meldrick Taylor vs Julio Cesar chavez 
    deigo corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo 
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