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  1. @LengLeng More power to you. This year has no doubt effect most if us in the worse way possible and we all have something that haS effected us the most in these messed up times. If you ever need someone to talk to then do let me know.
  2. I've been using this one for a while know so I thought I should share it here with you guys in this article.
  3. This is already eating me and after reading your message I've started to think about it.
  4. In case I'm having a packed routine with not a lot to explore and expand with our approach to change this, I will definately think about dealing with mostly everything that can make a difference.
  5. This thread has to be the best thing on this forum so far.
  6. I hope there are no times like we have and we are facing. Training is my life and I cant even explain how much psychologically it has effected me by not being able to go to the gym. Like I started reaching out brands who are working in the similar category like elite sports to help me and other boxers to get into the game and help us to survive through this pandemic. I'm glad they have started to now gradually.
  7. today I've worked out in my new tank everybody at gym looking at me while i was working out like a beast. i like the most of this tank is that it keeps you motivated BornTough is written on the tank, and whenever while working out see through the mirror gives a boost to go for another weight
  8. thank you so much, yeah exactly we all lose interest in that when things are allowed to be more routine. hopefully Thailand will also follow the guidelines of WHO for the betterment of their people and you will also gonna fight again i think most countries are opening things in waves and that is good to control Pandemic, i tried very hard to get the same fitness during lock down which i used to have while in the gym days. cycling is not my type
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