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  1. I can recommend you to visit Kst Muay Thai.. For the Time Being, you can learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai by yourself. That could be done though reading Blogs!! Like Muay Thai Citizen, Fight Supplies, Team Elite etc. But combat sports must be performed with another person. You can develop negative habits that are tough to break if you don't have someone to correct your form. Training with an instructor is by far the most effective way to learn.
  2. First focus on mental Drill. Mental practice is the mental stimulation of a movement without the occurrence of the physical ability. To put it another way, it's the mental rehearsal of a skill or a group of techniques. Most BJJers have had BJJ daydreams or may even conduct mental drilling while sleeping. "According to neuromuscular theory, visualization activates the same motor pathways as if the skill were physically done, albeit at a lower level." Use the best gi's like venum, Fuji, Elite for your inner satisfaction. This activation, which is equivalent to actual movement but at a lesser level, has been demonstrated in studies utilizing EMG equipment." Mental drilling has one advantage that I like: it can be done almost anywhere and at any time. You are not bound by space or geographical place. You also don't have to worry about injuries or weariness with mental drills. This is especially useful if you're recovering from an injury and can't physically train. It's just you and your thoughts with mental drilling!
  3. Mouthguards and groin protection are worn by Lethwei practitioners. During competition, however, they merely use tape and gauze to cover their hands instead of gloves. Athletes can win a bout by using Styles like headbutts, punches, elbows, knees, kicks, clinching, sweeps, and throws across three to five rounds.
  4. beathleticfitness gym would a good fit for your website!!
  5. For The sake of Your Life!! you can do some punches practice at that time, when you're being attacked and see your strength, If you feel that you're not of his strength then just keep blocking!!
  6. I'm at the same Opinion!! For six months, wearing minimalist footwear will boost foot strength by 60% and make you more stable on your feet. The outcomes of a recent study done by the University of Liverpool were as follows. The researchers wanted to see how wearing minimalist shoes for regular activities affected foot strength. They used 46 healthy people to perform a foot strength test, which measured toe-flexion strength. Half of the group was then required to wear these types of shoes. Stealth II minimalist footwear for at least 70% of the time while shod, for at least six days each week. The other half were told to adhere to the same basic criteria by wearing their most often used regular footwear.
  7. Shadowboxing forces you to focus on your own body movements and proprioception (awareness of your body in relation to its environment) without looking for the satisfying feel or sound of striking. This is a good thing because people often stray into bad technique in order to hit harder or hear what they think sounds impressive. This absence allows you to focus solely on your own proper striking technique, which is rarely the case during bag work, mitt/pad work or sparring. There is no rebound energy, which forces you to strike and return with all of your own energy. This allows you to throw faster combinations (albeit a little off if you're not great at visualizing- solution is to pick a striking point in the distance). It also requires, in my estimation, nearly double the energy. To my last example, while I can generally breeze through an intense 40 minute heavy bag session, even 15 minutes of shadowboxing at similarly intense pace (3 Thai rounds or 5 western boxing rounds) would absolutely exhaust me.
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