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  1. Hi everyone, Hopefully this is alright for a first post, wanted to share my experiences training with Sagat over the next few weeks. I arrived in Thailand in Mid-march coming from Egypt, I was in a mad dash to make it somewhere calm before the lockdowns took full effect. Over 10 years ago I trained Muay Thai while in college, and had always wanted to go to Thailand (the usual Muay Thai dream), although I didnt expect to arrive under the circumstances. I got an apartment and I spent the past month trying to condition myself as best I could (lots and lots and lots of burpees), and I discovered 8Limbs while watching Lawrence Kenshin videos on youtube, and one thing led to another and I became a patron and here I am Anyways, I got into contact with Sylvie, and I was able to meet with Sagat, and told him I want to train daily with him the next few months. Side note-Im going to be living in Thailand for the foreseeable future long term, Currently we are two days in, and I cannot recommend Sagat enough. I'm basically a total novice, and I was uncertain if I would even be worth teaching for him, but he was incredibly excited He is very 1st principle based in everything, and his way of describing things, you realize there is both the technique he's showing you, and the technique behind the technique of how it fits into a larger contextual picture. He teaches on a continuum, and he talks about most students that come to him for 1on1, there's no way to people to learn more than 1 or 2 details, and that really acquiring the skill takes time, "organization" is a word of his, both in how you move, and how build techniques Should you ever come to Thailand, you must train with him --13 Coins does have active fighters, He introduced me to two of the younger ones that are actively fighting (they've won some junior titles). Right now its only a handful of younger kids training there, although i got the impression its normally much busier minus the lockdown situation. Sagat has an arrangement with the hotel next door if anyone wants to stay there and train. Its very far outside any tourist area.
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  3. No water tank but ice delivery and those bright red plastic chairs.
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  4. Do they have a nice open water tank with a huge block of ice delivered every morning? Kind of a dealbreaker.
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